Letter From the Editor 36.23.1a

To the amazing ML/LD community.

This edition (our first hooray) introduced me to the term “phubbing” – the type of people that ignore others in social situations in favour of their phone. I think we all have been guilty of that and I’d like to add ther term “family phubbing” in which we often ignore our family members in favour of those little addictive devices.

Also some other great studies and articles and surprise surprise, big tech are trying to dodge any sort of responsibility or admittance of fault for the seemingly obvious harm their platforms have done. I feel like we have been down this road before with many other corporations, but never with any that have this much influence, power and cash reserves. One of the articles shows an interesting way China are trying to combat this by adding a “minor mode” for younger users which whould prevent apps and devices being used for more than 2 hours per day.

Also the power of exercise and digital detox moments throughout your day appears to be of huge benefit.

On looking over the list of articles we included I felt they were a little negative and I wonder if future editions will head down the same path as the current mainstream media (as the Black Eyed Peas would say “negative images is the main criteria)”. Time will tell but I don’t feel like raising awareness of the techniques that are being crafted to hook us to our devices is a bad thing. I think of how long smoking, alcohol and gambling were (and still are) allowed unfettered reign over society and simply feel that the more we include topical discussions and articles, whether negative or positive, the better these editions will be for you.

Thanks for being a subscriber, your subscription helps the More Life Less Device mission move forward every day.

And we fully get the irony that you are reading this on a device, but remember, if you fell into a well, we would come down into that well to retrieve you.

Morgan McCarthy




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