Letter from the editor – 37.23.1a

To the amazing ML/LD community.


This edition explores both the positive and negative effects of device use and social media. I think it’s important to explore both sides of the story but for every positive benefit there appears to be a tsunami of negative effects.

What really keeps me up at night is how young some children are being exposed to addictive algorithms. As a society we are outraged if we see minors smoking, drinking or gambling and yet in my experience nowhere near as much outrage if we see a 2 year old with a screen in front of them. Screens in some parts of the world are banned in early education, and in others are infiltrating schools more and more.

I remember a friend telling me they asked a psychologist how much IPAD time was ok for toddlers and the reply was something along the lines of “It’s like you are asking me much crack cocaine do you think is a safe dose”? 

Is that being overly alarmist? Time will tell I guess.


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And we fully get the irony that you are reading this on a device, We stand firmly as advocates of technology, believing that it can enrich our lives when approached with balance and intention. Our goal is to minimise the adverse effects of device overuse while celebrating technology’s immense potential.

Morgan McCarthy




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