Letter from the editor – 40.23.1a

To the amazing ML/LD community,


Wow. Lots of noise in the media this week – Snapchat in trouble, European Union worried about app addictiveness, Australian high schools blanket ban on mobile phones.

The more publicity like this the more awareness is raised on why reducing device use is of utmost importance for your health and wellness. 

I also read a few articles on “monk mode” which apparently is trending with Gen Z this week but didn’t include it as it seems to be a bit of a publicity push for an app that filters out social media sites and allows you to focus. Either way I like the term and don’t care whether you use an app or simply put your phone on Do Not Disturb (or even switch it off) to focus on a particular task.

The next generation might just make being on a device as uncool as smoking in public. 

But I’m sure some big tech companies already have plans to counteract that.


Thanks for being a subscriber, your subscription alone helps the More Life Less Device mission move forward every day.

And we fully get the irony that you are reading this on a device, We stand firmly as advocates of technology, believing that it can enrich our lives when approached with balance and intention. Our goal is to minimise the adverse effects of device overuse while celebrating technology’s immense potential.

Morgan McCarthy




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