Letter from the editor – 47.23

To the amazing ML/LD community,


This weeks edition features a great article/video that gives us the first snapshots of the AI pin. As mentioned in an earlier edition I have this nagging feeling that this is never going to replace the smartphone, rather simply add another layer of tech to our lives. The founders themselves said that they weren’t interested in solving smartphone addiciton anyway!

If the early demos are anyting to go by my gut says this product will not reach mass adoption in its current format, rather I see some interesting nich industries that it would work for.

As always, time will tell I guess.


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And we fully get the irony that you are reading this on a device, We stand firmly as advocates of technology, believing that it can enrich our lives when approached with balance and intention. Our goal is to minimise the adverse effects of device overuse while celebrating technology’s immense potential.

Morgan McCarthy




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