Letter from the editor – 49.23

To the amazing ML/LD community,


As the year winds down I’m seeing some great progress in the space of trying to combat the negative effects of excessive device usage.

So while the legal battles rage forth the more exciting thing for me is all the messages, apps and events designed to raise awareness and create healthy habits. 

“AllTrails” won the apple app of the year >

AllTrails, which took top honour in the 2023 App Store Awards, which puts the spotlight on app and game developers who are “providing users with meaningful experiences and inspiring cultural change”.

The AllTrails app details more than 420,000 outdoor trail routes in 191 countries. It is reputedly the world’s biggest outdoor platform, and was recognised for its approach to helping people explore the outdoors. It offers an innovative experience and user-friendly design.

It feels good to see progress in the space!


Thanks for being a subscriber, your subscription alone helps the More Life Less Device mission move forward every day.

And we fully get the irony that you are reading this on a device, We stand firmly as advocates of technology, believing that it can enrich our lives when approached with balance and intention. Our goal is to minimise the adverse effects of device overuse while celebrating technology’s immense potential.

Morgan McCarthy




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