Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering individuals and families no matter what background or location in the world to lead healthier, more balanced lives in the digital age. Our mission is to raise awareness about the potential harm of excessive screen time and digital device usage. In a world where technology has delivered incredible benefits, we strive to recalibrate the balance, fostering a harmonious relationship with our devices.

Through education, awareness campaigns, and the development of software that benefits society (white mirror tech) we aim to ignite a global movement that champions mindful technology use. Our software is designed to inspire precious moments away from screens that nurture creativity, learning, and deeper human connections with others and nature (greentime).

We stand firmly as advocates of technology, believing that it can enrich our lives when approached with balance and intention. Our goal is to minimise the adverse effects of device overuse while celebrating technology’s immense potential. We also offer a range of creative products, educational resources, and connections to support services for those seeking help with digital addiction.

Join us on our urgent mission to reshape the digital landscape, fostering a world where technology complements our lives rather than consumes them, and where anyone in the world can find their path to digital well-being.

And we fully get the irony that you are reading this on a device, but remember, if you fell into a well, we would come down into that well to retrieve you.

More Life, Less Device

Morgan McCarthy – Founder



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